"Hidden Twins" 2009 by Olivia Lousada

After completing her doctorate and book 'Hidden Twins’, Olivia Lousada has now choreographed this dance to communicate the experience of opposite-sex twins. It is danced by Sonnie Howson and Charles Denroche, both older dancers.

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The book "Hidden Twins" derives from a research conducted by Olivia Lousada, a psychodrama psychotherapist who is also an opposite sex twin.

The research illuminates the relationship experiences of a group of three pairs of adult opposite sex twins through their activities, paintings and reflections. The book describes this process and pulls the experiences together to create a coherent tapestry of many layers.

The book aims to be relevant to those interested in twin, sibling, family and peer relationships for personal, theoretical or research reasons. There are different pathways through the book (detailed in the introduction of the book) depending on your specific interests.

This website is a companion to the book, which was first published by UKCP & Karnac in 2009.

You can buy the book from Karnac, or through Amazon